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Interpool Productions welcomes our clients to shoot with us anywhere in the world.  We offer both the option to monitor the shoot remotely, or to attend the shoot itself. Interpool Productions offers a safe and high end production environment.


Create the content you need, now.


Originally founded in New York, Interpool Productions has been an established production partner for photographers, directors, agencies and industry clients located across the globe since 1989.


We stand for professional handling, transparent organization / accounting, and high quality photo / film productions with a strong worldwide production network.

Interpool productions is a full service photo & film production company with a reliable and seasoned worldwide production network.


We offer production and coordination of photo shoots, moving images, films, and digital content for advertising, editorial, and direct clients.


No job is too small or too large – we handle the tiniest to the most epic. Our range of services include all aspects of production and executive production.


We aim to accomplish the creative vision of our clients while providing high-end service, ensuring smooth, efficient production from start to finish.



Ulrik Neumann

Head of Production


Interpool productions

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